It is best to be prepared. Who knows what cards life will play. You have loved ones that you want to be taken care of.

Your Will
It pays to exercise your will. By having this legal document prepared, confusion, disputes and ill-will can be avoided or reduced. With your will in place, your loved ones only have to confront their loss, and need not be burdened by how to distribute your estate, even if it is a small one. For a very reasonable fee, Attorney Michael Cochran will prepare a customized will for you that will address everything from assignment of apersonal representative to more complex taxation issues.

Advance Directives
If you, God forbid, suffer an accident or illness that renders you unable to make medical decisions for yourself, advance directives, or a “living will” is a legal document that explains to medical providers what to do in certain situations. This document will address all the medical questions that your loved ones may not want to confront, or legally do not have the right to decide.

Durable Power of Attorney
Like advance directives which cover medical decisions, other decisions may need to be made about your affairs if you cannot make them for yourself. Creation of this legal document will govern who can make decisions about your finances and property under certain circumstances that may occur in your life. These unfortunate possibilities will be listed and all the powers of your representative detailed in this document, such as access to accounts or your personal property.

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